The art of Nancyanne Cowell  





Edging Forward




Oct 10 to Nov 10, 2017

Edging Forward 
The Robert Bateman Centre
Victoria, British Columbia
Curator: Jaime Clifton-Ross


Writings By Ann Dale & Paintings by Nancyanne Cowell 
The power of relationships is the most important pathway for transforming human development. "EDGING FORWARD, Reconnection, Reconciliation, Regeneration" was a leading-edge exhibit at The Robert Bateman Centre. A five-year collaboration between author and artist, exploring how love, science and compassion can help us leap towards a more sustainable world. How do we leap towards new sustainable pathways? Each chapter of the Edging Forward book was featured — with writings by author Ann Dale and paintings by artist Nancyanne Cowell. This exhibit was a celebration of art, nature, sustainability and the future of humanity.  Through luminous brushwork, Nancyanne Cowell’s oil paintings merge the abstract with the figurative. They emphasize how our existence is inherently linked to nature and illuminate the beauty of this relationship.    


Edging Forward Art Collection

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Artist's Thoughts 

"By responding to themes, legends and fairy tales within each chapter, I draw on relationships and interconnections between our built environment and the natural world.  Water — as a symbol of renewal, cleansing and emotional energy; flows throughout the painting series. It is the source of all life. Making up most of the Earth and most of our bodies, water is a conduit between and amongst all species, communities and the biosphere. Painting beyond the conventional boundaries of the traditional 'landscape', my brushes found moments of emotion and wonder expressing these marvelous mysteries. These paintings are an offering that we may find possibility — towards a fresh understanding of being. With our planet deeply seeking care, perhaps this exhibition will stir both our hearts and minds to find meaning and strengthen our connection with the world around us."  - Nancyanne Cowell, Edging Forward art collection






A Multi-Media Project

Edging Forward
Ann Dale
Achieving Sustainable Community Development

This book is about the power of stories, that shape human development and influence our ability, to act now on climate change.  It is an evocative call for immediate action to move from Edging Forward to leaping onto new sustainable pathways. The book will be supported by one of the richest on-line libraries of over fifteen years of research from her Canada Research Chair at Once again, Ann Dale draws upon both the personal and professional, to talk about her own journey in reconciliation, reconnection and the power of relationships as the most important pathway for transforming human development.  (The book is a Peter Sibbald Brown design.) 

This creative collaboration between author and artist experiments with a multi-sensory synergy between literature and visual arts  mirroring the new partnerships needed in shaping new ways forward.  As part of an integrated print, media and visual art project, the Edging Forward ebook is illuminated by a series of paintings by Canadian artist Nancyanne Cowell. Responding to core concepts presented in each chapter, her life-affirming paintings draw on relationships and intersections between the built and natural environments. 



The Edging Forward art collection  is available for purchase, with 25 percent of the purchase price being donated to support children's programming and caring of the natural world at The Robert Bateman Centre.  If you are interested in purchasing, please contact the artist directly, email:


The Edging Forward print-book and illuminated ebook will be officially released and available for purchase on February 7, 2018. For more information, please view the website for Fernweh Press.   

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