Nancyanne Cowell  
Fine Art Studio

.          ...ethereal and delightfully moody       

Modern Atmospheric Landscapes 
     I am painting in the 21st century, a time when technology, our culture 
and our physical world are changing at rapid speed.  As an artist, my  
heart longs for the rhythms of nature.  My studio is in my zen garden and  
on the doorstep of the Salish Sea on Vancouver Island in the north Pacific.  
The land can morph into a different state within minutes. I respond to 
these transitions with what I see and how I feel.  I paint beyond the details. 
The emotion that I invoke is the same as that which I have experienced 
while immersed in these surroundings, rendered  speechless 
yet moved by the grace of our natural world.
Like love, profound beauty can be powerful.
 Creatively yours, Nancyanne Cowell


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