Nancyanne Cowell  
Fine Art Studio

                    expressions of light


     Contemporary Luminism
 As an artist a painting must inspire the senses, deepen the mystery and
pull on my emotions. I developed a love for compositions that synthesize 
beautiful light and energy.  We live in complex and rapidly changing

times. I am drawn to the inspiriting essence of nature — its’ rhythms 
or enormity, and the strengthening it evokes in us.
 My landscapes are
 poems of nature and unfold our search for comfort and connection.
Thank you for your interest.
Represented by the Bateman Gallery of Nature 
Nancyanne Cowell 


studio news:

 The Curated Collection, Federation Gallery Jan&Feb 

'Sweet Hope'...a new project 

University Art Collection Acquisitions




new painting...'Unveiling Winds'  34"H X 40"L, available