Nancyanne Cowell  
Fine Art Studio

.          ...ethereal and delightfully moody       

Atmospheric Landscapes 
     I am painting in the 21st century, a time when technology, our culture 
and our physical world are changing at rapid speed.  As an artist, my  
heart longs for luminous old-world vitality.  My studio is in my zen garden 
on the doorstep of the Salish Sea on Vancouver Island in the north Pacific.  
The land can morph into a different state within minutes. 
I respond to these transitions with what I see and how I feel. 
For many, it's a yearning for something beyond our realm of existence.   
The emotion I invoke is sublime and fearsome, yet empowered
by the grace of our natural world.
  Nancyanne Cowell
Canadian West Coast Artist


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